The Shorinji Kempo branches of Ontario hold combined exams and practices on a regular basis, as well as occasional seminars, demonstrations, and community service projects. 

Shorinji Kempo emphasizes fellowship among practitioners and branches, not just locally, but internationally. Seminars and study sessions are regularly held worldwide.

WSKO Study Sessions

During September 2013, members of Cabbagetown Branch travelled to Japan to participate in the WSKO International Taikai in Osaka and International Study Session in Tadotsu.

In September 2012, Cabbagetown Branch participated in the WSKO North American Study Session and Taikai in Vancouver, BC and obtained gold medals in three categories.

In September 2008, the Ontario branches hosted visitors from Japan’s Kanagawa Federation. This event was given official seminar status by the WSKO (click here).

The Ontario branches hosted the WSKO’s North American Study Session in September 2006. This event featured instructors and participants from 30 branches and 5 countries (click here).

Cornell Camp

Every May, Shorinji Kempo practitioners from around the world gather in up-state New York for the Cornell Gasshuku. Held at a lakeside camp, this informal multi-day event provides unique opportunities to train and socialize with top instructors.