Cabbagetown Branch was originally named Eglinton Branch and joined the WSKO in 2003. It moved and was renamed Yorkville Branch in 2006. It relocated to Cabbagetown in 2013 and was renamed in 2015.

The branch is led by Thomas Fontaine, who holds a 4th degree black belt. He took over the branch in 2015 after its founder, Al Louie, returned to his hometown of Calgary.

All branch members, including several black belt instructors, share a desire to train in a challenging but friendly environment.

Members pay the following fees at the beginning of each month:
  • $75 per month for adults
  • $40 per month for kids (ages 7-17)

After a free sample class, new students pay for the entire month. A one-time membership fee of $30 is also required in the first few weeks. Students are not bound by long-term contracts and all members pay monthly. There is no pay-per-class option.

A martial arts uniform is not required to begin, but members should invest in one after a few weeks of training. Acceptable uniforms may be purchased for as little as $25.

There are few additional costs beyond those outlined above. Branch instructors are not paid to teach and all fees go toward equipment, rent, and administration.